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Toronto Fan Expo and Carrie's World


For the first time in who knows when, it looks like I will be at a major comic con, the Fan Expo in Toronto. It's on this weekend, and I will be there on Saturday. Is anyone else attending this?

The weekend is also significant, in that I begin work on the fan series, Carrie's World. I hope to see if I can meet up with a cosplayer or two, and I also plan to reunite with my camera guy so that we can scout locations. I also want to arrange a place for auditions, so that it'll be in place.

The fan series will take some cues from the 1966 Batman series, as well as my Batman fan film Batman 1969. This time around, we have better equipment, with a full high-definition cam that has XLR outputs for better audio, as well as some other items. The lead role of Carrie Kelley has been cast, though I am in need of understudies. There will also be some vacancies for other characters, heroes and villains alike, and there will be some new characters as well. Overall, this is something to look forward to!!



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