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Trading Area Terms- Read 'em and Understand 'em before you post

This section is here for trading away items or trying to locate items you may want or need. This section is NOT intended for discussing items listed for trade. Any questions and/or comments should be related to the item or items listed for trade or listed as looking for. Any trade thread must include contact info (an e-mail where people may contact you personally is preferred however please PM me is acceptable) for details. Any trade thread must include photos of the item. If there is an item you are looking for the same rules apply, the thread must include contact info (an e-mail where people may contact you personally is preferred however please PM me is acceptable) for details. Again, this section is NOT intended for discussing items however it is understood that some discussion is inevitable and likely necessary. Please however refrain from commenting needlessly (for example, "Hey, that's a nice cowl, armor, boots etc. adds no value to the topic).


Any trading, selling or buying is done AT YOUR OWN RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY! What you do in personal emails, PM's, etc. is your own private business. Do not ask or expect BOTB administration to act as arbitrator to any dispute that comes up as a result of private transactions. Do NOT bring disputes about private trades gone wrong onto the BOTB. You entered into an agreement on your own terms, you must be responsible for the consequences.

If you have any doubts before entering a deal of any sort, remember that every deal is your personal responsibility, so buyer and seller beware. The ONLY time the BOTB will become involved in private trades is when events are deemed as fraudulent, and proven so with the proper documentation as listed below under #5. These events will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Selling of fan made items (costume items, props, etc.) is inevitable in this hobby. The only thing that we ask is that you insert no pricing information in your "for sale" thread on the BOTB, please keep that information private between the person offering the item and the potential purchaser(s). The only exception to this is that links to EBay auctions/listings that contain pricing are allowed. Ebay makes their own decisions regarding what they allow for sale and they deal with the consequences.

If you have fan made items that you want to part your thread should have NO PRICING mentioned in their content.
If you have an item to sell that is licensed by those who hold the copyright then you are more than welcome to add pricing to the thread. This is the ONLY case where pricing is allowed.
We have written up two sample posts below that we STRONGLY URGE you to use as a template when listing items that you wish to part with or acquire.
In a post where you want to get rid of an item/items, you should have your post structured like this:


Subject: For Trade (insert item name here)

Message: I've got (list item or items here) that I want to part with.

(Post pictures here -required-If you do not have pictures then take some before listing your item.)

Please contact me at (insert your email here) for details.

In a post where you are looking to acquire an item, you can post from a template structured like this:


Subject: Looking For (insert item name here)

Message: I'm looking for (insert items or items you want to find here)

Please contact me at (insert your email here) with details.

REMEMBER BOTB is Not a virtual one stop batshop where you can pick up any piece "off the rack". Please try to keep this in mind, follow the guidelines listed above, and keep all mention of the selling of unlicensed items off the board. Additionally, do not comment on threads posted in the trading section. If you need additional information, photos, etc. then contact the individual listing the item.


The trading section is open to all members of the BOTB, provided you adhere to the rules set forth above.

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