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BOTB Terms of Service

All material is used under the Fair Usage terms of copyright law. This site is a non-commercial web site meant to serve as a community of Batman fans who desire to upgrade their personal costumes and collections, learn a little about making costumes, props & toys. The BOTB is created by Batman fans around the world volunteering their time and resources for the entertainment of other Batman fans. By posting on these forums you agree that you have read and understand all of the Terms of Service. The BOTB administration is not responsible for posts on this board. Each post is the total responsibility and at the discretion of each individual member and they agree by participating that they are personally responsible for their own actions. If you have questions, you may direct them to any member of the BOTB administration.


In keeping with the rules set forth by Runboard pornographic material is not allowed on THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BAT.
No porn in threads, no linking to porn, and no "email me for porn" threads.

Due to the inflammatory nature of both of these topics, and the very personal and deep seated beliefs that go along with them, discussion of these topics are not allowed on the board. This includes political ads/blurbs found in avatars, sig lines, and banners.

Minor colorful language (i.e. cursing) is allowed, but PLEASE be REASONABLE with language used.

There will be no selling or mention of selling of unlicensed items allowed on the BOTB.
If you have items that you want to part with or you are looking to acquire something, you are welcome to list it for trade, however any negotiation regarding transfer of ownership is to be conducted privately and not mentioned on the BOTB. Licensed item may be offered for sale as indicated in the trade section TOS that is clearly posted in the trade section.

BOTB Staff will not intervene in any trade issue or dispute. For details see the trade section TOS that is clearly posted in the trade section.

Our #1 Rule, be respectful and supportive. Any criticism should be constructive and only posted to help and encourage your fellow members. If you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything.
Bashing of another member’s work will not be tolerated.

Flame wars are not allowed, refer to our #1 rule above. Civilly disagreeing with someone is fine however keep it private. Use some other method such as email or social media for your disagreements. Don't bring them here. If you don't like someone and just want to argue with them then do it privately and keep it off the board.
Don't bring your petty differences here, no-one else needs to hear about it or be involved.

Business from other forums belongs on those forums, not here. If you are from another forum and your purpose for posting here is to warn us that someone here was banned on your forum or some other such business for ANY reason we don't want to hear about it. Police your own forum and let us Police ours. We are not interested in hearing from those who feel it is their obligation to Police the entire prop/costume related internet. Such posts are considered SPAM to us.

No spamming. Allowed.

Not a problem but let's be sure to exhaust all other measures at your disposal first so as not to clutter the board and once the communication has been re-established please email a member of the board administration so that these posts can be removed.

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I'm "Uncle" Ed and I approve this message...
I do NOT accept PM's, EVER!! If you need to contact me use my email , it hasn't changed since 1996. ALL PM's will be ignored!
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