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 The whole reason for the Community Outreach section

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I was talking to a friend (yes, I actually have a friend) the other day about a charitable endeavor he is entering into and if got me to thinking. With all of things people around here do or know of being done whether it be using Batman (or any other hero) as a method or not, for their community, children, pets, Cancer research, etc. (and the list goes on) I thought, let's put up a section on the BOTB where they can tell about what they are passionate about and maybe even drum up some support. Now make no mistake about this, this section is NOT for the guy that always wanted a Batsuit or a Batmobile, etc. so he figures if he can say he "plans to use it for visiting kids at a hospital" and is trying to get others to pay for it. This is also not to be used as a "kickstarter". This is for projects people are already involved with, (a good example would be someone going on the march of dimes walkathon, or someone who just wants to talk about a recent visit to a hospital, etc. )

So all of that said, I give you the "Community Outreach" section. I hope you make good use of it.

I'm "Uncle" Ed and I approve this message...
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