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 Welcome to the New Vendors section. Please read this thread before using this section

Hello BOTB,

We are now offering this New Vendors section.
The intent of this section is to provide folks that make/offer props a place to show what they have.

Just a couple of things to keep I mind when using this section.

- This section will NOT be moderated, however if I ever check in and see violations to these guidelines I am likely going to just dump the whole section without any notice. I have no patience for BS.

- If you want to post something here it's probably best if you post a pic or 2 of what you offer. People will want to see what you have to offer and shouldn't have to go looking for it.

- As with the BOTB Trading Post, Vendors are to NOT put any pricing in their posts/threads. Simply provide members with a way to contact you (use PM, email addy, web site, facebook page, etc. What ever you prefer but you gotta give people something and tell them what it is.)

- The BOTB is not and will not be made responsible for any activity in this section.

- The BOTB will not intervene in any way with any transactions that occur as a result of information initiated here. You enter into these transactions at your own risk.

- No Flaming. I'm not gonna explain that, you ALL know what that is so remember it.

- And this is the biggie. Keep the drama out of here. If you have a problem with a transaction it's your problem, deal with it elsewhere.

I'm "Uncle" Ed and I approve this message...
I do NOT accept PM's, EVER!! If you need to contact me use my email , it hasn't changed since 1996. ALL PM's will be ignored!
3/11/2017, 1:45 pm Link to this post  

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