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Technical Information

The Control Panel:
Up at the top left of the message board is a link to your Control Panel. .

The Control Panel lets you make individual changes, like your password, your avatar, your signature, your email address, your email preferences, your PM Inbox greeting message, etc...

Posting Images :
Images used on this message board cannot be stored on this site or on your PC. They have to be stored on a web site that allows links to the images. We at this time can't offer any advice as to where to find such sites however (unfortunately)

So, if you want to have a particular image for your avatar and/or signature, you need a valid link.

If your image does not work, first check you have entered the right URL. Any missing or extra character will make the link invalid.

Avatars :
These are the pictures that go underneath your name on the left hand side of any post you make. You don't have to have an avatar but most people do.

To set up or update your avatar, go to your Control Panel and click on 'Change Miscellaneous Settings'.

In the 'Personal icon URL field' enter the link address like so:

Note: Instead of the first "<" above, use a "[". I had to change it to stop the image showing up in this post, then click on 'Submit Info' down the bottom and return to the message board.

When you change your avatar, the change will appear in all posts, even ones made before the change. Please keep your avatar pics to a size no greater than 200 X 200, as it will disrupt the thread otherwise. If your avater is too large or takes to long to load due to excessive size of animation (for animated gif icons) the administration will ask you to resize it or change it.Please note: you no longer need the height and width on this board when you enter your personal pic information. Just the URL.

If you still need help after looking at that, please post your question here and we'll try to answer it.

This is the witty saying or image or URL etc that goes underneath any post you make.

You don't have to have a signature. If you have one, try to avoid inserting big images which may mess up the screen and make reading posts difficult. If your signature is an image that is disrupting the flow of the board we will ask you to remove it.

To set up or update your signature, go to your Control Panel and click on 'Change Miscellaneous Settings'.

In the 'Signature' field, just type in whatever text you want to appear at the bottom of your posts. If you want to add an image, you enter the link like the example below :


Note: Instead of the first "<" above, use a "[". I had to change it to stop the image showing up in this post, then click on 'Submit Info' down the bottom and return to the message board.

You cannot use HTML coding in your signature.

If you change your signature, the change will appear in new posts only. Old posts keep whatever sig you had at the time of the post.

Automatic post notificaton explained:
When you write a new topic to a board, you might want to be warned whenever someone else replies to it. This way, you don't have to check the topic often. The "Automatic post notification" feature allows you to do exactly that: "subscribe to a topic". Every time someone will reply to it, you will be sent an email with a link to access the topic directly. You will be only sent one email per topic, until you read it.

There will also be a link to unsubscribe from the topic, sent in the email.

The box reading "Get notifications when someone replies" must be checked to subscribe to the topic you're writing. It is automatically prechecked for you, by default.

Should you find the feature annoying, you can go in your Control Panel, click the "Miscellaneous settings" button, and uncheck the box reading "Pre-check the Notification box".

PM Inbox Greeting:
Every user can now define some text in their Control panel > Misc options, that will be shown to everyone who wants to send them an online PM.

It works with standard text, BBCode (the code this board runs on to add special features to text and posts), as well as image linking. Emoticons are not available in your PM Inbox greeting.

A blank answering machine will not appear at all. If your Inbox is full your message will not show at all.

There are tons of times when a message like this can be helpful, eg.:

If you are going to be away from your PC for a period of time, you can let people know their PMs may not be answered for a while.

You may have a new or updated web site - tell everyone who PMs you.

You've heard a particularly funny joke - share it with people.
Maybe you want to share a link to a piece of artwork that you've worked up.

Perhaps you had that operation you've been saving up for and want everyone to know you are now Batgirl instead of Batman.

Chat Room:

Thanks to the developers of Runboards, we were able to create a better chatroom for BOTB.

Many new features as: sending memos, sending files, emoticons to name a few.

The main thing you have to do is register a nickname for this chatroom. Preferably, when doing so get it as close to your new username on this board, so everyone knows who you are. Unlike the last chat...the username on this chat is a permanent one that you register.

Please go here to register:

After doing so, you may click the BOTB Chat Room link and check it out and/or even update your profile for it. may want to look at the quick reference here:

That's basically it. We look forward to future chats with all on this new and improved chatroom.

I'm "Uncle" Ed and I approve this message...
I do NOT accept PM's, EVER!! If you need to contact me use my email , it hasn't changed since 1996. ALL PM's will be ignored!
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