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My Grade: A-

Recommendation: See this movie in 2D IMAX, the undersea visual effects are well worth it. I rank this movie just below 'Wonder Woman' and above Man of Steel and way above everything else DC post Nolan's trilogy.

-Jason Momoa is an absolute delight to watch in this role. His joyful enthusiasm for playing this character comes through and it's contagious

-The supporting cast is solid all around, there really isn't a "bad" actor or performance present

-The visual effects that bring Atlantis and the creatures of the ocean (both real and fictional) to life are absolutely stunning

-Nicole Kidman is badass and Amber Heard holds her own as Aquaman's partner and equal, not a sidekick or damsel or eye candy. Their performances are in lock-step with Gal Godot, Margot Robbie, Robin Wright, and the other outstanding leading ladies of DC Films post-Nolan.

-The ending does not suffer from the 3rd act villain problem that plagues most superhero movies. Aquaman's final showdown with Ocean Master and the armies of Atlantis is hands down better than the final fight with Ares in 'Wonder Woman' and might be the best final battle scene of all the new DC Films.

-Amber Heard and Jason Momoa have zero romantic chemistry. None. It doesn't hurt the movie very much but it's evident.

-Black Manta's backstory regarding his dad is completely unnecessary.

-Some of the humor is a little too forced

-Playing a cover of 'Africa' by Toto as they fly over the Sahara Desert was a tiny bit too stupid.

Those were my takeaways. What did you think of it? Where does it stack up for you with the other DC Films?
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