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EB games give away stuff???

Today i went shopping with my mom and some of the family friends, all went well, but on our way back home we hit big time slow trafic because of a very bad head on collision between a motorcycle and a big truck, sadly when we got to the end were the accident took place, we found out that the bridge out of the city we were at was closed, (Valleyfield )for all Quebec quys and girls on here, so basicly we turned around, and while turning around, me and my friend siting in the back of the car saw, the result of the accident.

So anyway, most of the above has nothing to do with the EB games bit but ,anyway me and the guy i was hanging out with while the girls went shopping since we had to wait for 4 hours before the bridge cleared out, so EB games employes saw us coming back and they had heard about what happen and we told them that we saw the resulting effect of the crash, so anyway EB games employes let us play around with the demo games in the store, including an xbox 360 the nintendo ds the ps2 ,the gamecube and the psp, so anyway i went on chatting with the employes since we had nothing else to do, so basicly we chatted it up for a while until i asked them about the demo disc within the PSP and asked them if there was Demos for sale, and he started checking under a pile of papers under is desk and found two of them and he handed them to me and i asked him how mush for both, I basicly just wanted to switch over the demo inside the psp for another one, just to pass the time, and he told me that it was a gift from the store, so i basicly got free demos , basicly i got new demo disc for the psp, and the cool thing about the disc is that they are the disc that the companies give out to the employes to try out and give their opinions on the games when clients ask them about a game.
So i left EB games with a demo for Socom us navy seals :fireteam bravo and one of Syphonfilter :dark mirror

Anyway my day was crazy and kinda disturbing, i got sick when we went out to get a grab to eat, the damn image of the accident was stuck in my mind for the whole time i was in the restaurant
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