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Shading with Plasti Dip

Hey, I'm sure this has been asked about a thousand times before (or at least a couple hundred) but what's the best way to paint on latex? And is there a technique for painting muscle definition in? I know plastidip is the best, but they don't offer it in the right colors. I've also read something about tinted latex, but honestly I've got no idea what it is. Please help!

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Re: Painting Latex Costumes?

You have to paint over latex with a latex based paint, there are others here who will probably chime in with formulas and such.

I've also had good results with spraying a base color of Plasti-dip, then spraying a darker color over that, then wiping down the piece I'm painting with Mineral spirits, to remove most of the darker color (leaving the darker color in the recesses) then lightly respraying with my base color.
Nice shading effect without an airbrush.
Give it a try.

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