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Inevitable Flaws in Casting - Advice Please

Way back in the day when I decided to put a bat-suit together I was at first going to buy and piece together a suit from the items I had seen around on ebay and the like. I bought a few pieces before I decided to make my own suit from my own chosen style and materials.

During the tidy up today I decided it was about time I put what I’m not going to use up for trade/on ebay – however I have a question for you chaps before I do…

The (not exactly cheap) belt I got is – to my mind – flawed. When it arrived I was shocked to see the buckle area was full of bubble holes, and some of the belt seemed slightly twisted and deformed. When I enquired about this I was told that it was as good as it gets, that blemishes like this are inevitable with the pouring process and I should have expected this with any “fan made” product. Suck-it-up.

Since then I’ve seen here many belts that appear to be free of this kind of thing – and If I’m going to be advertising this belt for trade am I (as I suspect) duty bound to point out all these flaws – or are they, as I was told – part-and-parcel of the costume making process?

As you can see from the pic below – the bubbles cut right through the wing tips – the bars on the bat and (in the blurry inset) take a hunk out of one of the bat ears.

Your advice please. Would you be happy if you got a belt in this condition ?


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Re: inevitable flaws in casting - advice please

It's good to point these things out regardless. :)
And yes,there are better quality belts out there. I have a Panther belt and the same bat is near perfect. No airholes,sharper lines,etc.,and it's not twisted.

It's tough...I got a resin emblem that sucked,but did it over and it came out really good,but it still didn't compare to a good quality emblem. Know what I mean?

I think it's just good practice to point out any inherint flaws. The piece might be a starter piece or just used for display,so many times people are happy with cheapo,flawed stuff,so yes,I would be happy with that belt in the right situation. :) and it certainly helps knowing about it up front.

John :flapbat

"Wile E. Coyote is my reality,Bugs Bunny is my goal."

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