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Re: Batmobile Poll

The 1966 and Batman & Robin Batmobiles shouldn't even be options LOL. The former has a testicle-shaped windshield and was driven around in broad daylight, the latter didn't even HAVE a windshield and looked more like a go-kart with gay neon lights. Batman & Robin only had to be 5 minutes long because all the bad guys had to do was shoot Batman in the head when he was driving.

I voted for the `89 / Returns Batmobile. It's THE definitive live action Batmobile. The "Knight Striker" from Gotham Knights / Justice League is a close second because of its realistic super sports-car style. The Forever batmobile was pretty cool too.

I think the "tumbler" is hideous, but many of my friends are trying to reassure me that what we're seeing on the website and at various press releases is the WayneTech prototype that Bruce will take and make his own. I really really hope they're right.
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