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Dark Knight

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Spraying Latex Into A Mold

Hey fellas, lets say I have a cement mold. How would I go about spraying the latex inside the mold? Would any spray can work, or does it have to be special?

I was just going to do the mold in one piece w/out splitting it in half, that way I can just pour the latex into the mold, swish it around and pour it back out.

BUT, I don't think I'd be able to cover the entire mold that way (it's a torso sculpt). Now I'm thinking about just splitting it, spraying the inside, then joining the two halves together.


Okay I think I found something:


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Re: Spraying latex into a mold??

It's a messy frustrating exercise you wish to undertake.

You'll have to thin it some, and you;ll be cleaning the gun all the time unless you have an airless sprayer. I used an autobody touch up gun for it a few times. If I can avoid it I would.

Just get a lot of latex and you can slush cast it into the mold and avoid all the hassles of spraying it.

My, my, my. Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains.
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