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Re: Plasti Dipping rubies chestplate

I did a Begins and a Panther. The Begins took five cans spraying one coat at a time and letting it dry. I did the Panther with three by spraying the first can until it was empty. That way it is too much for the foam to absorb all at once and it starts to dry before it soaks in. Just be sure to lay the chest flat, if you hang it up, it's run city. Also think about this; three cans of plastidip is around $15.00, and a Rubies foam costume is anywhere from $45.00 to $60.00. You've just spent at least $60.00 on a chest piece only..... and it's not a good chest piece at that. Wish I would have thought of it for myself and was patient enough to put the money toward something better.

- Brian

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