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Re: So who DIDN'T like the new film? **SPOILERS**

Actually, I DO like that consistency. Why would Bruce constantly keep changing the bat? We've only seen that in the past, because the films have typically gone for the whole merchandising thing... Not that The Dark Knight isn't doing that with a new suit and the Batpod, but there's GOT to be a sense of continuity with Bruce Wayne.

In the first film (Begins), he pretty much walks into all his gadgets, that Fox has already designed, tested and manufactured. Bruce just adapted to them. From what we see in the new film, he wants more mobility over armor, which I think is GREAT. Maybe they'll eventually work their way down to a simple high-tech fabric suit. But NOW we're seeing Bruce take charge of what he wears. NOW we're seeing Bruce make decisions about his attire.

His Batarang SHOULD remain the same. He created that design. He created that logo. It's HIS logo for Batman and as long as Nolan is directing the films with Christian Bale in them, it's only common sense that they'd keep that logo throughout those films.

I don't crazy about that logo myself... But it's better than some of the others. And if Bruce Wayne is using it, then it should definitely be on the packages at the stores.

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