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Cassandra Cain Batgirl mask/ears tutorial

Be gentle, this is my first tutorial...

Here's the template I made for the mask ears. You can use a variety of materials, but I went with some scrap pleather--it's stiffer and holds it's shape better than most fabrics.
Once you cut out the material from the template, sew the corresponding lettered sides together--sew A to A and B to B.

Sew side C to the top of your mask. For the mask part, I used a closed mouth Zentai lycra mask I got from the Bay.

Before you sew the C sides to the mask, you may want to "stuff" the ears for extra support. I used two pieces of 1/8" thick Foamies.
I cut out my Foamies to resenble the outside ear portion, heated them up, and curved the sides in a little.
I then shoved them in the ears. For the eyes, I cut out a piece 6"x3" material from an automobile retractable window shade. I then glued this piece over the eye holes.


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