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SF becomes Gotham

Real quick, just wanted to intro myself. I just joined, and my name is Matt and I'm just outside Atlanta. Like many others here, my fav superhero is the bat. Hopefully going to get my own suit throughout the next year as well.

Another note though, really thought this was cool: Make-A-Wish foundation is turning San Francisco into Gotham for a 5 yr old boy who loves Batman. He will be Batkid and riding around in his own batmobile with an adult Batman and fighting "crime" and rescuing civilians after a call from the police chief.

I'm not affiliated with Make A Wish, I just thought it was really cool. Who wouldn't want to get their own Gotham. Minus coming home looking like Batman after a fight with Bane or Two Face, etc. If those of you who are in the bay area and want to see it, just look it up on the make-a-wish site (not sure if it was permissible to post the link).

Atlanta, GA

"A little fight in you, I like that."
"Then you're gonna love me."
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