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Dark Knight

Registered: 02-2004
Location: Newark, Ohio
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So glad to see this place still exists! I'm Dave and I've been around since the ORIGINAL BOTB. My goal when I first started was to put ONE batsuit together - a Returns. Since then I've gone on to acquire four complete suits and a variety of extra odds and ends suit pieces. I'll be sure to take some pics to share! One thing I've learned is a suit is never finished. I have upgraded and re-upgraded parts to all of my suits several times. It's like an addiction, lol.

As a side hobby I make custom apparel and accessories for casual wear and costumes. I would love to add some more Bat related items to my gallery! Please check out Marvels by Mosser at or my Instagram @marvelsbymosser

[email protected]
"Fear is an Illusion"
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