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✅Another take on✅ " BATMAN NIPPLES"✅ or at least a try.✅

Why male have nipples? Or better, why males think they should not be mentioned, or worse not even show on a Batman suit? My opinion is clear, it is not really a topic to talk about because Nipples are so natural. Well, lets talk about it anyway, shall we? ;)...Do not read if your Religion has problems with male nipples or if you are easily offended, thank you!

From the concept art, to the prototype.


Then to the first Panther- suit

And the second.
If you watch those photos and you are disturbed by the nipples then you may check your worldview or your personal believes and check if that is the reason to focus on something that small and unimportant for the look!
Why would an armor have nipples anyway? Its clearly what designers did in the past with real armor. Its to make the owner of the armor look strong, imitating a strong torso. Here are some photos of armor from the past:
There is no belly button on the Batman suit, I see it as armor inspired by the Greek armor, the Indian and Japanese armor even have BIGGER nipples! I believe that people who have issues with underarm hair at female bodies may have issues with male nipples and I believe that if you accept the fact that fighters in the past had nipples on their armor you may accept more the nipples on Batman armor without having to fight the director or the sculptor! Peace!

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Always be yourself in life, unless you can be Batman. Then be BATMAN !

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