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fixing a brand new suit arrived, any tips or advices ;) ?

hello guys, totally new here i found your board on the internet and thought i could give it a go, we never know if someone can help :) ! sorry for any mistake in my writing as english isn't my native language.

Well without looking for drama and before asking for help let me present the situation quickly.

I had a panther suit during 10 years bought as second hand i sold last year, and wanted to look for a batman returns suit.

While checking on the internet i found a great looking one and thought i could give it a try even if it was a budget for me. I started looking and asked if there was any guys selling kits from Batman returns. At the end it was more expensive than expected and asked seller if he could be "custom friendly" lowering value for not exploding budget. Answer was no. An hour later i received a message telling me that i could order and put a word on invoice to avoid customs, so dream came true :) ! paid the 2200 usd straight exited as a child :) !

well speaking quickly during five months it has been problems after problems with communication with the seller. After a month i asked for updates with no rush no panic but as a prop maker myself i like to follow what i buy and also asked for wip pictures sometimes. Not for checking everything but also because i like to see and study how things are done. As a ghostbusters fan too, when i build a pack for someone it can take around 6 months of work, and i like to send pictures to people :) ! well i never got any pictures as the guys wasnt doing that, answers were generally very shorts if i got answers... suit bought in june in july i had a message telling me that it was nearly done and would be finish the second week of july... Well transaction after that is history, excuses after excuses, delays afters delays, the guy was sick, or havent material, or couldnt make the cape as he hasnt a big room to apply latex. i offered to receive what was done and would buy the remaining somewhere else with a partial refund. Offer not accepted...after quite a few messages, we were less positiv and didnt like the conversation ( the guy was nearly rude, always had a excuse, things were never his fault, and always acting as a victim and i was a bad and impatient buyer).
Around a month ago i asked for my suit or i would open a paypal claim. Strangely answer straight that it would be shipped the week after and that i should contact him one day before to check with him the forms to be "custom friendly as a reminder to him...

Well to go straight to the point and stop speaking about him i received a package yesterday with more than 300 euros in customs, the guy told me he never agreed on that and it was against the law (sigh i got all our conversation here) etc etc...

Let get to the point, yesterday i opened package it was a mess, no protection nothing everything put like that in a big box. I started to check every parts as my paypal guarantee end in a month, so don t want to loose it. Conclusion several problems on the parts and clearly not a 2200 (plus tax) purchase... rush job, defaults and quality issues... thats why i m coming to you to try fixing thoses with any advices as i never work with polyuréthane material.

my wife ckecked yesterday the gloves one is unsewed on fingers locations (cheap product), and resin parts are badly glued and badly painted.

mask got bubles and big dried drops in cowl but also around eyes, it s also have bad cutted material resulting with a few littles holes in cowl (noze).

i got disgusting white glue traces on boots

more important the returns torso is so thin as some place that i clearly see light threw it and don't want to press too much as i would finish on the other side. is there any product i should use to reinforce the suit, as i never use any of thoses material, and if there is any UE member in the community where to buy thoses products ?

i contacted the seller who answered me to paint the boots (lol), use rubber polyurethane to, fix thats all no more details for him it s normal ...I asked him if he could at last refund material to fix that i ll buy, i m still waiting an answer...

so my goal ll be first fixing all the parts and later see how to install it. I heard that some of you use glue and other ure bond. How does it work with urebond ? is there any tutorial for that technic?

Really hope i ll find help on that board guys, sorry for the longgggg post without giving too much details, it was also normal to explain where i come from. Also for people that would think im trolling i got pictures of the suit but also of my past conversation with the prop maker...Don't want a fight with him as he has been an ass with big ego, since the beginning...Only interested in having something good looking after all the stress as i haven't bought a 20usd figuez as i ve always said.

big thank you in adavance :)

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Re: fixing a brand new suit arrived, any tips or advices ;) ?


   I think Red and I have responded to your thread in the main forum. Please try to process a Paypal claim and hopefully get your money back. Sadly these guys seem to hold back their poorly manufactured product until the last minute then when the garbage arrives it's usually too late to process a claim. I would still give it a shot, maybe they'll still be of service.

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